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About Kellie

Kellie is a fully Accredited and Qualified Clinical Nutritionist who is passionate about working with children to achieve their health goals. Utilising a functional medicine approach in clinic along with targeted dietary measures, Kellie has a particular interest in optimising all aspects of children’s health and development.

Growing up with Naturopath parents, healthy eating was a part of life for Kellie as a child; unsweetened carob, soy milk, bread that could be mistaken for a brick, and Moosewood recipes all featured heavily. Boy, has science around nutrition changed since then! After completing a B.Arts (Psychology), and then working in the film industry for over a decade, Kellie gravitated back towards natural health after becoming a parent. Finding a passion in researching the best way to nourish her child, it seemed an obvious path to blossom that interest into a career in clinical practice. 

Kellie holds an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) and is a fully accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

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