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Ever Wondered How A Nutritionist Could Help You?

Someone asked me a few days ago: "I know you would look at my diet & tell me what to eat, but what else can you do for me?".

It's true; as a nutritionist, I do look at people's diet, and make recommendations as to what they should be eating - and that is my primary objective; to help you achieve your health goals through dietary change.

But before making my dietary recommendations, I also look at your complete health history, your emotional wellbeing, your digestive health, your family medical history, and even your bowel movements. (Yes, be prepared to discuss your poo!)

I use functional medicine testing, such as comprehensive stool analysis, which gives us specific information about your gastrointestinal microbiome population and parasite activity. I also use food allergy & sensitivity testing, genetic mutation testing - to name but a few! The results of these tests help us to piece together the underlying issues relating to your individual symptoms, and focus our treatment protocol to give you the best health outcome.

So much recent research focuses on the gut, and the impact it is now understood to have on disease states, auto-immune conditions, mental health - the list is just about endless. Where does the most basic gut health begin? With the impact of the food you eat.

No matter your issue, I would love to help you, by addressing your diet.

Consultations are available in clinic, and online.

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