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Why I Love Working With kids

Updated: May 20, 2020

A few years ago, just after I first started studying nutrition, my then-five year old daughter began having some behavioural and mood issues. It happened slowly over time, but suddenly we were in a place where huge emotional outbursts over seemingly inconsequential things, were a daily part of family life. Looking back, they weren't enormous, but they were significant enough to have caused a pretty big strain on the family.

I took her off to see a nutritionist friend, who recommended we do an Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. It's a really simple test where all you need to do is snip off a piece of hair and send it off to a lab, who then measures the levels and comparative ratios of nutrient and toxic minerals in the hair. It turns out my daughter had a significant Zinc/Copper ratio imbalance, plus a whack of lead her body was trying to get rid of.

We put her on a very basic supplement routine, and made a few simple dietary tweaks and within 6 weeks, I had my happy, more-resilient girl back. It was a delightful change that the whole family noticed and appreciated.

The experience really crystallised why I love to work with children; because small imbalances or deficiencies actually play out in a really significant way through behaviour and immune issues. And of course it's not always this easy, but sometimes, all it takes is a couple of simple measures to get some really powerful positive behavioural changes. Changes that the whole family can rejoice in.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is something I offer in clinic, along with a myriad of other functional testing - get in touch if you feel you need help with your child's behavioural health.

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